Adele reveals people have been pronouncing her name incorrectly


Adele has confirmed that people have been pronouncing her name incorrectly.

In a recent Q&A with fans the pop star responded to a question, adding that the fan had said her name correctly.

“Love that,” Adele said to the fan’s question submitted via video after a fellow Londoner pronounced her name “perfectly”.

Adele clarified that her name should be pronounced “Uh-dale” and not “Ah-dell”, so with a slight emphasis on the second syllable.

You can watch the video below at around the 21:45 mark to hear the proper pronunciation.

Elsewhere in the interview the singer put any fans’ hopes of her entering a theatrical career to bed, admitting that she’s “not a massive Broadway fan” — of musicals, at least. However, she could see herself playing the role of Rose in Gypsy.

“I did love the role of the mum in it. She has a song when she was like, ‘I wanted to do all of this’, and she’s jealous of her own daughter and she’s really caught up about it,” Adele said in reference to ‘Rose’s Turn’, before adding, “At one bit, she was just a bitch in it, which I could nail.”

Meanwhile, Adele has called Taylor Swift “one of the greatest songwriters of our generation”.

The singer also said recently that she wants to study for an English Literature degree after her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

During a recent Q&A session in Los Angeles, Adele said (via The Mirror): “After Vegas I want to get a degree in English Literature. If I hadn’t made it singing, I think I would be an English Lit teacher.”

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