10 Cool Pop Songs to Get You Through the Week: Girl In Red, Mykki Blanco, Nessa Barrett & More

Looking for some motivation to help power you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with some stellar new pop tunes, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists such as Nessa Barrett, Girl In Red, Mykki Blanco, Fujii Kaze and more will get you energized to take on the week. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlists — or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10

Jacob Latimore, “Selfish”

Actor Jacob Latimore (who stars in the upcoming remake of Kid ‘n Play’s classic 1990 comedy House Party) is blessed with an impressive set of pipes, which are on silky display with new single “Selfish,” a late-night missive about a fractured romance. If you’re a fan of Drake working with Majid Jordan, check this one out. – Joe Lynch

Mykki Blanco ft. ANOHNI and Kelsey Lu, “French Lessons”

Stay Close to Music is the title of Mykki Blanco’s latest album, but it’s also solid advice during these tumultuous times. On “French Lessons,” Blanco teams up with ANOHNI – an artist who knows how to make beautiful sounds in the face of painful realities – and singer/cellist Kelsey Lu for a gentle, synth-y meditation on new romance and that feeling of “drifting away” into bliss. – J. Lynch

Fujii Kaze, “Grace”

Japanese pop singer-songwriter Fujii Kaze’s “Grace” is a good-hearted, melodic single all about celebrating graces in life. Arriving after the March release of his second album, Love All Serve All, the rallying, piano-supported track proves Fujii Kaze is doubling down on his mission to deliver positive messages to the masses. — Lyndsey Havens

Nessa Barrett, “dear god”

Punky pop artist Nessa Barrett released her long-awaited debut album, young forever, last week. The project includes the hushed, introspective “dear god,” which at times sounds like a Billie Eilish-co-write as she sings of “angel wings sewed on to my back” and wanting to be a good daughter. Though brief, clocking in just over two minutes, the chilling song’s impact remains for much longer. — L. Havens

Girl In Red ,”October Passed Me By”

Sequel songs are dicey prospects — how often is the world of a tune effectively rebuilt in a proper follow-up? — but Girl In Red pulls it off on “October Passed Me By,” a new chapter in the story of her fan (and seasonal) favorite track “We Fell in Love in October.” While the previous song used a dream-pop lens on autumnal romance, the air in “October Passed Me By” is crisper, with Girl In Red echoing the lyrical motifs as she looks back on love with melancholy and hope. – Jason Lipshutz

Lolo Zouaï, “Crazy Sexy Dream Girl”

French-Algerian pop artist Lolo Zouaï spent time opening for Dua Lipa on her Future Nostalgia world tour, and you can hear similarly slick, uptempo pop craft on her new album, Playgirl. But standout track “Crazy Sexy Dream Girl” also contains the influence of FKA Twigs’ hyperpop-indebted strand of R&B, with soaring vocals collapsing into micro-hooks as part of an arresting, slightly sinister product. – J. Lipshutz

Skylar, “Double Denim”

Gotta love a cheeky pop song with a chorus built around a “saturated/cremated” rhyme, which Skylar drops on the fun, frothy new track “Double Denim.” In fact, every word is bursting with personality, from Skylar’s admission that she’s attracted to the wrong guys to the bridge that changes things on a dime with an all-too-familiar tune. – J. Lipshutz

Leah Kate, “Hot All The Time”

Get ready for Leah Kate’s ambitious new ballad “Hot All The Time” to soundtrack dozens of TikTok clips about feeling the strength to get over an ex. The L.A. singer-songwriter declares, “Feel so damn good in my own skin / So hot in the state I’m in, without you,” and by the time the guitar riff amps up, you’ll be headbanging your hurt away. – J. Lipshutz

Men I Trust, “Girl”

Whereas previous singles “Billie Toppy” and “Hard to Love” saw Canadian trio Men I Trust — which consists of members Emmanuelle Proulx, Jessy Caron and Dragos Chiriac — leaning into synth and occasionally R&B-tinged indie, new track “Girl” finds the outfit going for something slightly more classic. With all hands on deck for the vocals, the band creates a track that’s a perfect soundtrack a niche French film from the ’60s, with subtle acoustic guitar, twinkling piano keys and French lyrics delivered as delicately as a sigh. – Starr Bowenbank

Christine and the Queens Presents Redcar, “la chanson du chevalier”

Chris continues his work in the synth space leading up to release of forthcoming album Redcar les adorables étoiles, this time, returning with single “le chanson du chevalier.” The haunting — and admittedly Halloween-ready — track sees the French artist exploring an intense connection with someone who feels like a kindred spirit, only to be left by said connection to stew in both loneliness and the aftermath of their relationship. Chris delivers the lyrics as a lament, processing grief as the track unfolds. – S. Bowenbank

Joe Lynch